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Attractive God?

While I was driving down the highway in Minot, North Dakota. Yes..God is POWERFUL

Is God attractive? …. I don’t know, but I think so…

One of the biggest things I struggle with in my relationship with Jesus is the idea that He is boring, bland, and all about do’s and don’ts. As a spontaneous, crazy, adventurous college girl I hate the idea of serving a God who is plain…

Just a few weeks ago, I realized something simple. Real simple. If God truly is the creator of all things that must mean he created me…DUH, I know! But realizing that truth revealed something much deeper about God’s character.  He wouldn’t create something that is not in his likeness.  In order to bring himself the most glory, he created us in his image, which is PERFECTION…. Perfection….

Adventurous. Risk-seeking. And Wild at Heart….This is my internal.

I used to think that life with God was a continuous battle. A battle to change ‘self’ to be more like God. But he created ‘self.’ He created us. I don’t think the answer is necessarily changing self (changing the sin in ‘self’….ABSOLUTELY!!!) … Don’t get me wrong, I know that we as humans have this disease called sin and that is our constant battle. But when God created us in his image he created us perfect. He didn’t screw up. Not even a little bit. For me, this must mean he created me adventurous, spontaneous, and high-energy. And if he created me in his image, he must also possess those very same character traits.

He must be ATTACTIVE.

Where does beauty come from? The idea that everything good is from God leads us to believe the things we think are beautiful must be from him. I see beauty in adventure. Clearly this proves that he is the furthest thing from boring and bland. He made me…and I’m not boring and bland. So he must be a zillion times more crazy and wild than I could ever dream of being… Now that’s a fun thought!

I have hunch. What if God’s goal for our lives is not for us to deny who we are, but rather to surrender who he made us to be back to him- for His glory and purpose.  Does that make sense? Not a self denial…but a self surrender. Denial of sin…Yes. Denial of self…I don’t think so. Of course we need to be measuring our character with God’s truth-which is made clear in the Bible- but I think we need to be confident in who we are. Who God created us to be. Honoring him with our character traits and realizing he is an absolute stud is freeing. When he creates he doesn’t make mistakes.

Let’s take who he’s made us to be and what he’s given us, and give it back to him! It’s powerful. Because he’s powerful.


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6 thoughts on “Attractive God?

  1. Wow. How often do we just spout off that “we’re created in His image” but not really think about what that means?? Like you just did! So, all these things in me that I second-guess myself with (my own adventurous, risk-taking, child-at-heart, playful, passionate spirit), are reflections of GOD, which makes me in all my adventurouness a-okay!! This is some serious food for thought… I might have to re-read this post a few times… or 100… 🙂
    xoxo J

  2. I remember in Genesis, God says, “Let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness.” And, then it says, “And, God made man in His own image.” I noticed that God created us in His image, but not His likeness. I take this as meaning that likeness must be learned. Which is what you are saying in this blog, which I agree with. I think that “self-denial” is not denying who you are, but rather denying selfishness, and instead desiring God’s Will for our lives. But, I get what you’re saying, and it is great! Well written!

  3. I like this post. Glad DuncDawg jumped in and gave a good clarification too(which you weren’t far from in your post).

    Sam, a friend, once said, “The beauty of God is infinitly explorable.” and he said this in relation to art at the time. If an artist were to get more creative, he would need to follow(in a kind of obedience)rules more.

    A blank canvas, where the art director says whatever you paint on the canvas, anything goes, just turn it in once you’re done, I’m looking for a good art piece to put up in the school library hallway for the whole year.

    So one of the students gets a chainsaw, tears up his canvas, and says he’s finished. That is no piece of art. The art director gives that kid an F for not doing what was told.

    Another student begins to paint a scene of the salem witchtrials. Being very meticulas about the kind of clothing the people are wearing, how the witches were properly hung/drowned(there were three deaths on the canvas, amongst crowds watching and pointing). There were a lot of very accurate portrayals of death and acusations. This student got an A for completing the picture, but the picture was never used, and was returned to the student who painted the picture.

    The STUCO vice-president was also there in art class. Pulled out his paint pallet and painted the whitehouse, the school, the capital of the state, and then painted the president, the governer, the principle, the president of stuco, and then himself. This mural of places and spaces were well integrated and involved extra work outside of class. This student got an A for completing the picture, but the picture was almost used, however it had an awkward part to it, All presidents, and then there was the stuco vice president and of all vice presidents chosen, this vice president chose himself. Not other vice presidents. Perhaps the art director would have chosen the picture if no VPs were there or if all were represented. We can not tell now. The picture was never used, and was returned to the student who painted the picture.

    Another student, had a very difficult time, thinking what to draw. Wanted to do something significantly good, but did not know what the teach was looking for. He had a blank canvas on day one, he didn’t try to do anything to it, until he was ready. He went home, and found a leaf with a worm on his window seal. He lived on the second floor of the house, so for this worm to have gotten there on this leaf, wind would have to blow the leaf up(new neighbor hood, small trees). He opened the window, and pulled the leaf with the worm downstairs to the backyard and set it down. He knew what he was to draw. Not a worm making an apple bad, but a worm flying on a leaf into a new land. So without giving the worm abnormal features, the student drew on his blank canvas a worm on the edge of adventure. Turned in this picture. This student got an A for completing the picture, the picture was used for it was a worm(book worm related) and it was natural. To see nature in harmony with it’s environment was what learning was all about. To grow, and discover, as the worm was going through. It was practicing being a beautiful butterlfly. This painting was put up in the library hallway for a whole year and stays up even to this day.

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