Jessi Jean

to live is to dream with eyes wide open.

A Big Dream.

               I am a dreamer…

I dare to dream because I believe in a life that is saturated in the divine. Passion propels my life in a million different directions. It’s an adventurous, risky, and awe inspiring journey I am on. I am thankful that I get to live this life. It’s not an easy one though, but the view at the top certainly makes the climb worth it. You know what I am talking about…

Let me paint a picture of one of my many dreams for you…


Coors Field…A Field Of Dreams….

                As a freshman in high school I dreamed of being a sideline sports reporter…. Now, 7 years later that dream has been reborn. Doubt drowned this dream of mine for many years but now I am ready to chase it harder than ever. My sincere appreciate goes out to my incredible step-father for helping rekindle this long lost dream. It happened this past July when I attended my first Colorado Rockies game. My step-dad Andy and I sat behind home plate way up in the nose bleed section. The smell of hot dogs, popcorn, the crack of the bat against the 95mph fast balls, the roar of  Rockies fans when we’d score a run, the voice of the announcers recalling the game play-by-play….

                                Something inside me clicked.

I was if God was whispering, “remember that dream you had…remember your how excited you used to be about sports…remember what you wanted to do before doubt flooded your heart…” Yes, I did remember, I remembered it clearly. My inner cheerleader was loud and proud that game. Andy and I had an absolute riot… I asked Andy questions the entire game… what’s does ERA, RBI, AVG stand for? We sat, he explained, we cheered, he explained more, we watched intently, he continued to explain the game and before we knew it the night was over. Rockies hit a walk off home run for the win and I was hooked.

                It clicked that night… The 2 ½ hour drive home was full of conversation…mainly me asking Andy why he had never introduced me to baseball before…Why didn’t he tell me it was such a riot!?! Needless to say, two days later we were back at Coors Field! This time we sat club level and enjoyed seeing players a whole deck closer. This game was just as fun as the previous one. My summer was spent working, chunkin’ away at my degree, and going to baseball games.

Slowly, God was speaking confidence into the dream he placed in my heart so many years before. As a junior in college, I am getting anxious to be done with school and dive into my career! I am ready to start…Ready to work for the Rockies… Working in the marketing and promotions department while I continue to train as a reporter is the direction I am headed. I know God will open and close doors as I continue to confidently journey onward.

More than anything I am thankful that my ability to dream has been restored. The difficulties and the competition ahead are inevitable, but today I choose to dream…to chase hard after those dreams and to surrender my life to the purpose of God, confident that he will put me exactly where I need to be.

What are some of your dreams? I’d love to hear about them…

Andy and I at my first Rockies Game


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