Jessi Jean

to live is to dream with eyes wide open.

“You are so flexible it’s disgusting…”

This comment came out of my roommate’s mouth last night.

I was lying in bed, one foot by my head the other stretched out long in front of me. I’m not sure what I was doing, just lying there and stretching. I really am oddly flexible but it’s nothing I can take credit for in any sort of prideful way…

I was just born naturally flexible.

But it got me thinking….

God has created each of us so incredibly unique. He built each of us differently… some naturally flexible, others not so much. Some… skilled athletes, others not so much. Some naturally intelligent, others…well you know where I’m going with that. The point being we’re all wired a little bit differently. My dream of working for the Rockies could sound completely dreadful to somebody else.  I think our individuality shines light on how multifaceted God really is…

However, we were all created by the same God and that gives us something in common. He created us to need each other, learn from each other, and challenge each other.

Another dream I am pursing…

                The most important dream I could ever pursue…

                                                        Is to become a SOLID WOMAN of God

Knowing God more intimately allows me to understand myself more fully. I deeply desire to have Christ be the solid foundation on which I live my life. I said “I DO” to Jesus 7 years ago and I am in it for better or for worse! If not a single dream of mine comes to pass… God is still God…and I will be okay knowing, that if I am pursuing the lover of my soul, I will be guided into a life full of risk, adventure, excitement and unmatched fulfillment.

These are the women in the Bible study I lead… They are beautiful and they challenge me everyday… to know God more fully, to seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

 I am grateful for the things I have been blessed to do and the direction God is taking my life. I want to live in expectation…

                With a willingness to dream as big as God dreams.


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2 thoughts on ““You are so flexible it’s disgusting…”

  1. I LOVE you so much Jessi! And you are crazy flexible!! hahaha I’m kinda jealous! lol I wish I was more flexible! It just looks so fun! hahaha AND.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our tye-dye shirts 🙂 they are so cute! thanks for making them!!

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