Jessi Jean

to live is to dream with eyes wide open.

A Bittersweet Fall.


Those little glittery snowflakes are absolutely mesmerizing…They finally fell from the Fort Collins sky last night. I was beginning doubt winter would ever come as we hadn’t seen a flake yet and it’s already November 11th.

My favorite season is winter!

I love everything about the snow. I grew up in a log cabin that was heated with a wood burning fire place; the crackle of the fire and the view of the snow covered mountains did something to me. I just loved it. I love that a warm cup of hot coco tastes exponentially better when the snow is falling and that you can cuddle by the fire with a good book and be content for hours. I love that you can make snow angles, and snowmen, and throw snow balls at each other. I LOVE that the snow has a way of slowing down the world…Traffic moves slower, school is delayed or better yet… closed.

But more than anything I love that you can strap toys to your feet and play all day long in the snow!!!!

SNOWBOARDING is one of my absolute favorite hobbies. The freedom I feel when I am shredding the mountain is like nothing else I have ever experienced. I do not have a care in the world when I am on the mountain… Maybe it’s because the majestic views demand my attention and steal my breath away. My adventurous spirit feels fully alive when I have a board strapped to my feet… Daring myself to go faster and try new jumps and tricks is such a thrill. I love the risk involved.


For the past 6 years I have gotten a season pass, so that I could satisfy the craving all winter long. However, this year my schedule is jammed packed…Classes, the Eagles Internship, Bible study, training to be a reporter, pursing a job with the Rockies….on and on the list goes. So, this will be the first season in last 6 years that I will not be getting a pass. Watching the snow fall reminds me of all the joys winter brings me, but also leaves me feeling a little tinge of sadness as I know my weekends won’t be spent hitting the slopes.

But just as the seasons change so does life. I love everything I do and I am excited about my future. So, at this time in my life I will learn to simply enjoy the beauty of the snow without riding it down the mountain.


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