Jessi Jean

to live is to dream with eyes wide open.


   It’s instinctive, intuitive, and the way I’ve always been…

 I was voted most spirited in high school and I haven’t lost that a bit! Currently, I am interning with the Colorado Eagles Hockey and last Saturday night I was able to catch a few minutes of the game. I never used to be that into hockey but something happened to me, like it always does.

I started yelling and screaming…my entire body gets into it when I cheer on a team. I flinch and stand up to gesture at the refs when they make stupid calls, I clap my hands and wave my arms, and high five those around me when we score….you know the fan that’s a little too into the game…


To make matters more exciting, it was a tie game and we needed the win (just like we need every other win!). I was sitting with some fellow interns and they were looking at me funny and laughing at how invested I was in the game. They were sarcastically making comments about how I just loved the Eagles…Well, now that I understand hockey and have a team to cheer for, I do love them! I just dig sports, I can’t help it. I love watching games and cheering on teams…Once I become a fan, I am a die-hard fan. One of my favorite things to do is go to games…Baseball, of course is my favorite. But really, if I understand the sport, I thoroughly enjoy watching any game.

Me and Rockies ace pitcher, Ubaldo Jiménez

I Am Over-the-top!

I am proud to be one of those crazy fans in the stands that dress-up, bring signs, come earlier, stay late, and cheer their little hearts out. There aint NO SHAME in it! I cheered all four years of high school and that inner “spunk” continues to burn within me. I love that there are fellow die-hards out there that understand me…and I also love that there are those could care less about sports. I’m so glad not everybody wants to be a sports reporter… that would make the competition that much more intense.

But for those of you that do really feel me on this one don’t let others quench your fire…Stand proud, cheer loud, and enjoy the gift of sports…

Another simple joy from the Lord.


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One thought on “I CAN’T HELP IT!

  1. Jess, I fist pumped my way through this post. I’m with ya girl, all the stinkin’ way. Can’t wait to watch SOMETHING, ANYTHING with you! Love you so much!

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