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to live is to dream with eyes wide open.


It is embarrassing to admit that I have lived in Colorado my entire life and never been to a Nuggets game until last Friday. However my 1st game was done in-style and reaffirmed my calling to work in sports!

This was the view of the court from our suite:

 Just two days before the game my mother called and told me she had 6 suite tickets to the game and asked if I wanted them. I think she already knew my answer before I said a word….YES! Of course I wanted them. I invited some of my best girl friends and Friday night we headed to the Pepsi Center. I was beyond excited…I was ABSOLUTELY thrilled!

We were treated like royalty. We had a VIP parking pass that allowed us to park right next to the building. By-passing the long lines outside, we entered through the VIP entrance and were able to come in before anybody else. The game hadn’t even started and we were all having a blast…

This was our pre-game fun:

Birdmans's hand!!

Dana's the next big thing...

As we made our way suite 66 our excitement escalated as we were directed up to club-level. We scanned our tickets and the door unlocked to our suite. “NO-WAY!!!” “Oh my goodness…” “Wow, this is incredible” were just a few of the comments that came out of our mouths as we observed our surroundings. A spread of food, a full fridge, and cushiony leather seats greeted us! Wow…We were spoiled!!! Not 2 minutes later our suite attendant walked in to check on us and see if we needed anything.

The suite we were in was owned by Coors and right before the game started Steve, the Colorado/Utah MillerCoors Manager, joined us in our suite. He was just as pleasant as everybody else we had encountered in our short time at the Pepsi Center. He explained his job, told some jokes, and offered us excellent hospitality the entire night.

The game was excellent! We cheered the Nuggets to a victory over the LA Clippers. It was a close, exciting game the entire night. I couldn’t help but think… one day I will be down there, court-side interviewing players and coaches…Ahhh YAY!! What is about sports that makes me come SO alive?!! I think God just wired me that way… I love it, I thrive in those environments, and I cannot wait to work in that setting.

After the game, Steve entertained us with a few more funny jokes and we walked out realizing we had been blessed. Blessed to be with each other in a beautiful suite, and enjoy a Nuggets game with good food, good friends, and good conversation.

I left being reaffirmed once again that this is my calling…to work as a sports reporter. For that I am thankful. Thank you Coors for the suite, thank you Steve for your hospitality, and thank you Mom for the tickets.  And thank you God for calling me to something SO incredibly exciting!!!!


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