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to live is to dream with eyes wide open.

Discomfort: Mistaken as a Bad Thing

Too often our goal is to feel nothing but comfort…Secure, safe, pain-free, satisfied…What’s wrong with feeling discomfort, besides the fact that its not enjoyable? Nothing.

Discomfort is readily mistaken as bad thing. But I don’t necessarily think it is. In many ways it drives us to greater heights and depths. Because of discomfort in relationships we strive to remedy situations and from there we grow stronger with others. Discomfort can be a result of conviction…sin in our life. Without the discomfort how would we recognize the need to change? Or what about working-out: “No pain, No Gain”….right? But when we’ve endured the discomfort of pushing ourselves physically our body changes…becomes stronger, and more healthy. So discomfort…in the long run…brings about a positive change. In all of these situations something good comes from it.

Or how about the discomfort of not having a bed to sleep on, enough food to eat, or financial stability. Are these good things?…No, but the way you begin to appreciate the small things in life out of these discomforts is amazing. This is reality for most of the world…My mission trips to Brazil have taught me so much about the uselessness of striving to never feel discomfort. We slept on deflated air-matresses, woke up stiff and sore, ate strange food, showered rarely, and in the mist of this discomfort….I was the happiest I have ever been. Why? Because my focus was not on myself and feeling comfortable…My focus was on those I came to serve and love and build relationships with. Christ had %100 of my focus and attention. I got sick, lost my voice completely, had bug bites everywhere..but still my Joy was complete…absolutely complete.

Discomfort sucks but its not always a bad thing. Recognizing when it is calling us to take our focus off ourselves and place it on another changes everything. If it was my goal to feel comfortable all the time I wouldn’t have gone to Brazil. I didn’t feel as safe as I do when I am here in my cozy cabin, in the mtns of Colorado. I wouldn’t be chasing my dreams because I have and probably will again face some form of rejection. However, God calls us to take risks and dream chasing is a risk: it will involve a lot of discomfort… but it’s worth it. Brazil was life changing. I will never be the same because of the discomfort I was willing to endure.

I’m not saying to go search for discomfort but don’t reject it either….the joy it can bring is ummatched. Think about it.


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One thought on “Discomfort: Mistaken as a Bad Thing

  1. Peggy Cowan on said:

    You are amazing, Jess. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you this Sat. Mom!

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