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I Personally Invite You…

(So I know this is long, and I’m not sure who you are that’s reading this, but I have a big invitation for you at the end. I believe God wants to speak to somebody, so why don’t you read this and see if it’s you.)

I am really excited about God. I mean the thrill, risk, and adventure of what he has in store for those of us who choose to surrender is UNREAL!

This is something I am learning….it’s been a tuff realization but such a blessed one. Are you ready…?

We are not our own, we were created by God for HIS purposes, and then we were bought with the blood of Christ. We in no way, shape, or form belong to ourselves. Is this scary? Does this feel uncomfortable…maybe at first, but it is such a thrill to know that God created us to do good works which he prepared in advance for us to do. And his plans for our lives aren’t just good…there CRAZY, risky, adventurous, life-giving, challenging….and exactly what we were created for. I’m constantly torn between living for myself and surrendering myself to live for something greater. But let me tell you the fight to surrender our will to God’s, is worth it! There is not a more exciting place to find yourself than right at the center of what God designed you to do.


We must count the cost if we are going to choose to live passionately for Christ. And passionately is the only way to live for Jesus…we are told in Revelation that He spits the lukewarm out of his mouth. It disgusts him to see us live lukewarm Christian lives…Be hot or cold. In Luke 14 Jesus tells us the cost of being a disciple… deny you father, mother, wife, and brothers, and even yourself. He sums it up in verse 33 this way: “any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.” This is my encouragement for you: God says this because he, the very one who created us, knows that the only way we will ever live FULLY ALIVE, satisfied, and joy-filled, is when we give ownership of our lives to him.

A divine invitation!

Do you want to know God intimately? I really do but often I am flooded with the concerns of worldly things like my career, my future, my education….my my my…. I am a non-stop kind of person. I pack my schedule like there are 40 hours in a day. It’s awful. But it’s the way I’ve always been and I think it’s a product of a culture that screams “make a name for yourself, become somebody, accomplish, achieve…”In high school I remember stressing because perfection was my goal. I had to get the scholarship that would pay for college, so I had to make the grades and be involved in everything. I can distinctly remember saying to myself “just make it through high school and things will get easier.” I thought I’d stress less, be easier on myself, not pack my schedule as full…man was I wrong! It’s like I’m stuck in some kind of curse…the curse of busyness.

As college is nearing the end I have thought a lot about my next steps. Sports broadcasting….thrilling! I am so pumped to be going into this field. God has opened doors and set up some pretty divine connections already. It’s exciting. But can you imagine what a tragedy it would be if I missed what God was calling me to do. I’m pretty sure God is calling me to sports reporting, which is epic, but what if I take the wrong route to get there. Or what if I become so career driven that my life is not Christ driven? Or what if I become so consumed in what I can achieve that I miss the adventure God is inviting me to? I don’t want to miss it…

So I think I need to volunteer a year after I graduate college…May 2012… a year of my life to simply serve others, share Jesus, discover him more, and seek his direction in my life. A YEAR??!!! Yeah, it seemed crazy to me at first but what if I miss out on life, the life Christ has planned for me, if I don’t give a year to serve Jesus by serving others and completely take my focus off myself. I think God is calling me to give a year to serve others in a village in Brazil. The 1st time I went to Brazil 3years ago I felt the Lord tell me at some point in my life I’d live and pioneer a ministry in this village. I think the time might be approaching. But I can’t do this alone. Jesus never sent his disciples out by themselves.

Now, this is my invitation to you to join me. Does your heart long to serve God, live in a village with people who will think the world of you for coming all the way from America to be with them. They think it is incredible that of all the places in the world we rich American’s could go, we choose their village. They are hungry for love and it’s such a privilege to get to love on them. They are intrigued by us, our culture, and love to just sit and talk with us….this place is rich with people who are willing to listen to what you have to say. Perfect for sharing Jesus. The Latin American culture is so fascinating to me. They value relationships and people in ways that are few and far between here. They live simply and find joy in things that matter…spending time together, sharing meals, talking…

I know May 2012 is a year and half away but I think God is calling me to Brazil and if he’s calling me…he’s calling somebody else too because he never sends his children out alone. Is it you? Dan Baumann says it best when it comes to serving God…”If you’re not sure what God is calling you to do….DO SOMETHING!” Doesn’t God deserve it? Think about it, lets chat.

Be encouraged…God has exciting plans for your life and maybe they align with the exciting one’s he has for mine! Love you guys!


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3 thoughts on “I Personally Invite You…

  1. YES. I’m not sure if I’ve shared this, but at the end of last summer, I was called to Africa. I’m not sure how or when or what exactly yet, but I’m going to the Motherland. Finally! 🙂 I’m excited and scared, impatient and hesitant to go, all at once! Your post made me think of a piece that I’ve not yet thought of, though… going alone vs. with someone else (or a team). So far I just assumed by myself, but of course God could have other ideas in mind… SO flippin exciting!!
    If you ever want to meet for coffee to discuss Brazil/Africa, let me know!!
    ❤ Jessi

  2. michael ceruso on said:

    I like what you are do here

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